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The MagiCut image transfer process works in conjunction with a wide
range of cutting plotters.
To use Print & Cut the plotter should be equipped with an optical head which can interact with MagiCut Software.
MagiCut Plotters and Cutters
MagiCut Cutters & Plotters
Graphtec CE6000-60 Cutting Plotter

The CE6000-60 plotter series is the ideal upgrade for all MagiCut applications. Giving the ability to generate and produce high profits for minimal investment on the supply of decorated garments. The advantage of being able to produce a sample/one-off has immense marketing advantages.
Graphtec Silhouette Cameo Cutting Plotter

Unique cutting head for thicker material, USB interface, up to 30cm cutting width, up to 300cm cutting length.
The Cameo has a unique patented roller design to enable A4 sheets to be cut edge to edge, helping to maximise material useage.
Also featuring the Advanced Registration Mark System (ARMS) for accurate and precise profile cutting of full colour designs and logos using a four-point and two axis registration and correction.
Suitable for PC or Mac. Cutting Sheet Included.