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Full colour image transfers are possible using OBM 5.6 transfer paper from TheMagicTouch. Using the plotter in conjunction with the MagiCut software, the images can be precisely cut, weeded and pressed.

Also WoW 7.2 transfer paper from TheMagicTouch, a 2 Sheets System, no cutting and no weeding required can be easily used with MagiCut software. The Mask and Image sheet are printed via MagiCut software.

MagiCut makes it possible to print onto almost any dark colour fabric with professional, high quality results, quickly and in short run lengths.

The process has proved to be of great interest to traditional Screenprinters, Sign Makers, Embroiders, Trophy distributors and of course transfer paper users. The system allows all users to add value to their existing product ranges with profitable
and easy to market products.

The process is simple, design your image/text/logo, cut the MagiCut film using a cutter/plotter, remove or "weed" away the non printable area and simply press onto the application product.
MagiCut 6.0 Professional Software
The MagiCut system is for printing coloured text, logos and freeform designs onto dark garments, fabrics, and promotional items.

Traditional screen printing methods involve time consuming artwork preparation together with an expensive set up cost. MagiCut makes short run production easy and profitable.